Join us March 3-5, 2017 as we Celebrate Life during Discovery Weekend. This retreat weekend is for 6th - 12th grade students. Students will stay at the church in areas divided by gender and grade. Cost is $60 for middle school students and $40 for high school students.  Each paying Asbury Reset Middle School Student can bring a friend/guest who doesn't regularly attend for FREE (guest still need to register)! Last day to register at this price is February 24 - afterwards registration will increase to $85 for all grades.

Discovery Weekend Information:

  • What is Discovery Weekend?

Discovery Weekend (or Discovery for short) is an at church retreat for middle school students, hosted by the whole church.  The adults in the church help out in a number of ways and the high school students provide leadership by giving the youth talk and leading small groups.  The retreat will begin on Friday night and end after worship on Sunday afternoon.  

  • Who is eligible to go to Discovery Weekend?

All current 6th through 12th grades and college students are eligible to attend this retreat. Each paying Asbury RESET middle school student can bring a friend/guest who doesn't regularly attend for FREE (guest still need to register)!  High school and college students will help and be assigned leadership roles throughout the weekend.

  • When is Discovery Weekend?

March 3-5

  • What will my student do at Discovery Weekend?

This retreat is about "Celebrating Life".  When we come to an expectance of our faith in Christ, we are forever changed.  We have new life.  This weekend we will explore what it means to have a new life in Christ.  What it means to be made alive in Jesus.  

  • What if my student has food allergies?

Asbury RESET will accommodate your student needs. We do need to know about any food or dietary restrictions. Please tell us and coach us through your students needs. We will be cooking and eating at the church all weekend long.

  • Can I use my earned money help pay for this retreat?

YES! We encourage it.

  • Can my student bring a friend?

Yes of course, if they don't normally attend Asbury RESET then your friend gets to attend for free.  Please make sure all friends sign-up too!

  • Can my student have there phone to call me if they want? How do I get in touch with my kid if they don’t have a phone?

Asbury RESET has a no cell phone policy on overnight trips. This is to provide your students will an opportunity focus on the retreat and what God is doing in their lives.  All adults will have their phones available for calling home and for pictures. 

  • Where will my student sleep? Do we need an air mattress?

We will sleep in Sunday school classrooms at Asbury UMC . You will need to pack a TWIN SIZE air mattress or sleeping bag.  (Space is limited so make sure only to bring twin size air mattresses, please.) 

  • Can I send snacks? 

Yes but they are not allowed in the sleeping area because bugs… We will provide a snack room and students will need to bring snacks to the snack room during drop off on Friday.  We also ask each person to bring a case of bottle water or case of soda to share also. 

  • When is the last day to sign up?

February 24th!  You can sign-up after this date, but the cost goes up to $85 and your student might miss out on items like a retreat  t-shirt and special events during the weekend that require more time to put together and organize.  

  • Do you need volunteers?

Please contact Moose Mosteller for more information about volunteering.