Sunday Night 5:30-7:00pm

RESET is specifically designed to be what we call an “invite-able” event. Everything we do for RESET is done with the intention of creating an environment that students are excited about inviting their friends to. Depending on the week, each RESET will be a little different.

1st Sunday: Off-Site Fundays
Everybody loves getting out and having a little fun. Off-Site Fundays are just that. They’re community-building “hangout” nights on the first Sunday of every month. They’ll be located at off-campus venues such as trampoline parks, bowling alleys, movie theaters, etc. They’re great opportunities to make some sweet #memories.

2nd Sunday: Combined Worship
It’s like the song goes, we’re better together! Combined Worship will take place in the youth room with Middle and High School students together and will involve high-energy worship, fun games, teaching, and some type of special event. From Luaus to Dance Parties, you won’t want to miss it!

3rd Sunday: Community Night
Community nights are an opportunity for students to come and build community and relationships through planned activities here at the church. These could range from large group games to movie nights to guys and girls ministry nights. The options are endless!

4th Sunday: SLT Takeover
There’s something cool about seeing your friends and peers take charge. SLT Takeover is an opportunity for students on our Student Leadership Team to plan and lead the night. These nights will have student lead worship and student taught messages, and will be conducted from start to finish by the SLT. RESET Staff will be there to help in anyway, but this is a chance for students to act in the gifts that God has given them!


9:45-10:45am Every Sunday

RESET 945 is the RESET Student Ministry’s take on “Sunday School.” We figure that students spend enough time at school. We wouldn’t want to put them through that at church, right?

Middle School students will have an opportunity to connect with God through an interactive service that will include games, worship, discussion, and teaching by the RESET Staff.

High School students will enjoy a laid back co-ed high school Bible Study group led by members of the RESET Serve Squad that will include donuts, coffee, and some hangout time before digging into questions that we all have about God, life, and faith.



6:30pm-7:30pm Wednesday

RESET MidWeek is the perfect chance for students to take a break in the middle of the week to get recharged for what the rest of the week has in store. Middle School and High School students will have their own events until 7:30, with Open Gym until 8:00 PM afterwards.

Middle School students will meet in guys and girls Bible Study groups for the first part of the night that will create the perfect opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, and learn how to connect with God on a deeper level. The rest of the night will include Open Gym and other community-building activities for those uninterested in Open Gym.

High School students will get the chance to worship with each other in a worship service especially for them. With teaching, worship, and discussion groups, the RESET Staff hopes to make this a time and space where the hearts of our students can be taught, encouraged, and lead by God Himself.

Open Gym 7:30-8:00pm


Our Discipleship Pathway

Faith formation is a journey. Asbury RESET is a place for student’s to discovery their own place along the path and to chart the road ahead. “Your word is a lamp before my feet and a light for my journey” -Psalm 119:105


You’re here and curious about the relationships you may find.  You may not know anything about God’s love for you, and that’s okay.  There’s no pressure.  Just come and enjoy the view.  We’re glad you are here!  Programs focused on this stage of the path are RESET Fundays, Tribes. 


You have found a place to belong. You’re ready to further explore a relationship with Jesus and we’re here to help you climb. Let’s go!  Programs focused on this stage of the path are RESET Sunday Nights, Camps and Retreats.


You have made a commitment to follow Jesus with the Holy Spirit as your guide.  Through worship, prayer, and study, your climb continues as you discover God’s calling on your life.  Programs focused on this stage of the path are RESET MidWeek, RESET 945, and Confirmation.


You are using your spiritual gifts to live for Christ daily and helping others up the mountain.  By the leading of the Holy Spirit you are pointing others toward God.  Programs focused on this stage of the path are Student Leadership Team and Missions.