Latest Updates

  • Packing list and travel update download here.
  • Please pack your mission trip devotional book Flipping Missions to bring with you on the trip.  
  • One special travel note: pick-up and drop-off will be at the Birmingham Airport.  We will need to be in line at the Delta deck at 4:00am on May 27.  We will be back in Birmingham by 4:06pm on June 3.  
  • The following link can answer any questions as it pertains to CDC recommendations on vaccinations or medication for the trip:  Your doctor will also have good information about this issue, please speak with them about recommendations or medical needs.  
  • You will need money to cover all meals while traveling (four meals).
  • Cost for checked luggage is $25 for the first bag (50 lbs). $50 for luggage to and from Costa Rica.  If you miss the first flight you will not make the trip.
  • We learned this week that you don't need to bring twin sheets, they will supply them for us.

Updates on Cell Phones

We are going to change the no cell phone policy for the Costa Rica Trip, we will allow cell phones for this trip.  The reason for the old policy was to help you experience the trip, each other and God without the distractions of the outside world.  We think that we can accomplish this goal with the following guidelines.

  1. Please stay off of the camp WiFi unless you are checking communication that needs a WiFi connection.  The WiFi at the camp can only handle about 12 connections and there can be up to 40 people at the camp at one time.
  2. Please do not bring cell phone to job site.
  3. Please limit cell phone use to your bunk.  We want you to have interpersonal connections with each other and the CRMP staff while at camp.
  4. Please be respectful to adults when they ask you to to get off devices to join group activities.

*Please note that international rates may apply and those charges are on your bill. Please advise your youth to place phone in airplane mode if they don’t have an international calling plan.

We hope this change helps our trip be the best it can be.  We are praying for you and for God to work in us and through us this week.


Cost Rica Mission Trip

What: High School and College Mission Trip to Costa Rica
When: May 27-June 3
With: Costa Rica Mission Projects (
Cost: $750 per person

About Costa Rica Mission Projects

The Mission Trip will be with missionary Wil Bailey from Costa Rica Mission Projects. Wil and his wife Yolanda believe that when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, he taught us, in dramatic fashion, that if we claim to be His followers, we must be servants to one another. 

Christian service comes in many forms and Wil and Yolanda believe they have been called to provide opportunities for churches in Costa Rica and churches from other countries to serve one another and explore what it means for us to be part of a body that extends far beyond the walls of our own individual churches. Their hope is that they might be able to help foster long lasting, fruitful relationships between the congregations who participate in this ministry. 

It is very important to them that they avoid establishing or reinforcing already existing relationships of dependency, but rather, that the churches involved will discover the benefits of interaction with one another. They understand the communion that takes place across borders, cultures and languages as a glimpse of God's Kingdom and as a sign of the work of the Holy Spirit among us. 

Cost of the trip:
$1,300 is real estimated cost of the trip
- $400 by Mission In Action per person
- $150 by Youth Budget per person
$750 per person

Cost includes: 

Air Fare, buses, translators, CRMP Staff, most food, lodging, construction and materials. Doesn’t cover meals while traveling.

Payment Notes:

  • $250 Deposit due at registration
  • All payments are non-refundable
  • Responsible for full $750 amount after Feb. 12
  • Scholarships available, ask Moose for info


Saturday, May 27
Flight out of Birmingham Airport
Arrive in Costa Rica (San Jose)
Head to CRMP

Sunday, May 28
Church and Site Seeing

Work Projects

Friday, June 2
Beach Day
Headed to San Jose

Saturday, June 3
Flight out of Costa Rica (San Jose)
Arrive in Birmingham


  • How do I Sign-Up? You can sign-up at Space is limited to 40. Deadline to sign-up is Feb. 12.
  • Who can go on the trip? All current students in 8th-college as of May 2017.  
  • Can I drink the water? Yes, it is safe to drink the water in Costa Rica. 
  • Do they take American money? Yes but you will get Costa Rican change. 
  • Can the toilet paper be flushed? No, most plumbing systems can’t handle paper so there are trash cans next to the toilets.
  • Do we need passport and shots? Yes, everyone attending needs a passport. Check with your doctor about what shots you need for the trip. (