Fall Retreat 2015 Adult Volunteer Resource Page

Below are all the resources you will need as an adult volunteer at Fall Retreat Nov. 6-8, 2015 at Camp Hargis.  Find your name under the volunteer position you have signed-up for, click the resource page button to download the PDF packet to be read through before you arrive at Fall Retreat on Nov. 6.  If you should have any questions or if any changes need to be made, please let Moose know before Friday.  Contact info for Moose is 205.821.7494  or mmosteller@asburyonline.org.

Family Group Leader (Click Here)

  • Lamar Shaw (Staying overnight, will miss Friday night but be there Saturday)
  • Dan White (Staying overnight)
  • Pete Gagliano (Staying overnight, helping MC event with Rev. Rob)
  • Bill Wilson (Staying overnight)
  • Todd McCormick (Staying overnight)
  • Garrett Lenzie (Staying overnight)
  • John Peacock (Staying overnight)
  • Ashley Irein (Staying overnight)
  • Angel McPhearson (Staying overnight)
  • Carol Erickson (Staying overnight)
  • Lee Ann Daniels (Staying overnight)

Food and Hospitality (Click Here)

  • Kathy Cowart (Saturday)
  • Myra Shaw (Friday night)

Photos (Click Here)

  • Sandy Jackson (Staying overnight)
  • Lauren Gingras (Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Lisa McCormick (Friday)
  • Kye Mansfield (Friday after Check-in)

Check-in (Click Here)

  • Lindsey Taylor (Friday)
  • Trumi Wilkerson (Friday)
  • Kye Mansfield (Friday)
  • Myra Shaw (Saturday)
  • Monica Williams

Set-up (Click Here)

  • Eric Daniels
  • Kelley Romanowski

Pack-up (Click Here)

  • Keith McKinney
  • Scott Romanowski
  • Kelley Romanowski