Family Group Leader

  • Lamar Shaw (Staying overnight, will miss Friday night but be there Saturday and Sunday)
  • Dan White (Staying overnight)
  • Pete Gagliano (Staying overnight, helping MC event with Rev. Rob)
  • Bill Wilson (Staying overnight)
  • Todd McCormick (Staying overnight)
  • Garrett Lenzie (Staying overnight)
  • John Peacock (Staying overnight)
  • Ashley Irein (Staying overnight)
  • Angel McPhearson (Staying overnight)
  • Carol Erickson (Staying overnight)
  • Lee Ann Daniels (Staying overnight)

Please read through all the material on this page,
you can download all this material as a printable PDF to bring with you to the retreat.

Also at bottom is PDF of packing list for staying overnight.

Details about what a family group leader is:

Family groups will be mixed age and gender groups that students will be assigned to by the youth staff.  The family groups are a way for students to process the weekend as a whole, not just the worship session.  Family groups are 80% relational and 20% content.  The groups will meet for 30 minutes four times during the retreat; one Friday night, two Saturday (one in morning and one at night), and then one Sunday morning. The schedule is at the bottom of this page.

What you will do during family group time:

We will start each group with an ice breaker we call "High, Low, Buffalo."  Each person will one at a time share a "high" which is something good that has happened to them at the retreat so far, a "low" which is something not so good that has happened to them at the retreat so far, and a "buffalo" which is something weird or funny that has happened to them at the retreat so far.  It is ok to say I don't know, but remind the youth to be respectful and wait their turn to talk and listen while others are sharing.  This ice breaker is a great way to get the youth in your group to start talking and open up in a safe way.

The content will be the same question for the group to think about at all weekend long and that question is, “Where have you seen God this weekend?”  The group time will be spent talking about this one question, some will have a lot to say, while others will not speak much but that is okay.  The reason for the groups is for the students to start seeing and looking for God outside of the normal “worship/talk” times during the retreat.  By exploring this question in a group setting students get to hear what others say and are experiencing, as well as starting to think about the role of God in their everyday lives not just at church.  

Your role in the family group:

Your main role is to be the one who starts the conversation (but not the only one who talks).  In order to start the conversation after the ice breaker is to be ready to give an example of your own experience of God at the retreat outside of worship and then encourage the students to share their own experiences (which might be outside or inside worship, but your example will get them to think about a possible experience outside of worship).  

Why stay the night?

We are asking all family group leaders to be adults to stay the whole weekend, including overnight.  The reason this is a part of the requirements is simple, if you are with the students and having the same experiences they are, then you will have more to share.  You cannot see God in the middle of the night when a students gets up to use the restroom and turns on the lights for the whole bunk by mistake if you are not there (one youth cried out “let there be light” and three others youth yelled back “Amen”, while one student yells out “this has been a late night devotion, now turn off the lights and go to bed!”)  Being there for the whole event will help create community with your family group and give you a connection to the students because you are experiencing the same retreat as they are (ministry together).

What do I do when I'm not leading a family group?

Your role outside of the family group times is to be in the worship sessions, sleep in the bunk areas with the students, help parents and youth during check-in times, make sure your family group area will is ready for group, and chaperone free time events.  You will be entrusted with helping the youth staff keep an eye on the students and making sure they are following the rules of the retreat (like being where they are suppose to be).  Only adults will have clocks and a schedule, so please help youth by making sure they know where to be at all time.  Also, adults will be the only one's with cell phones and if a students ask if they can see your phone, please let them know that they can barrow Moose, Liz or Robert's phone, but not another other adults phone.

What time do I need to be there on Friday?

Family group leaders are asked to be at Camp Hargis by 6pm on Friday.  If you have a youth attending, they are welcome to come early also.  During that first half hour, we will have leader training and be assigned to your family groups location.  We will also assign jobs to help with the check-in progress which might be a little tricky with the rain.  Please bring rain gear and large umbrellas, you will need them for Friday and throughout the weekend.  We will have chicken for all adults to eat on Friday because we are asking you to be there early. 

What buildings will we be using?

We have three main buildings that we will be using this weekend: Giltner Hall, Cannon Hall, and Dinning Hall.  Worship sessions will be the Cannon Hall, all together meetings like vespers will be in Giltner Hall (along with sleeping rooms), and all meals will be at the dinning hall.  The have two other buildings we will be using for sleeping arrangements.

Do I have to wear the bright yellow shirt with a rat on it?

Yes, yes you do.  All day Friday!


If you have any other questions, please let Moose know.


Fall Retreat Schedule

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