Food and Hospitality Leader

  • Kathy Cowart (Saturday)
  • Myra Shaw (Friday night)

Please read through all the material on this page

Details about what a food and hospitality leader is:

Leader will be in charge of food and hospitality.  Hospitality is like making goody bags for family groups and setting those out before the groups get there.  The food component consist of making snacks available throughout the weekend for the youth and making sure they have drinks available also.  Liz will be the ministry lead of this team,

What time do I need to be there on Friday?

Food and hospitality leaders are asked to be at Camp Hargis by 6pm on Friday.  If you have a youth attending, they are welcome to come early also.  We will need help with the check-in progress which might be a little tricky with the rain to gather food donation items from youth.  Please bring rain gear and large umbrellas, you will need them for Friday and throughout the weekend.  We will have chicken for all adults to eat on Friday because we are asking you to be there early. 

What buildings will we be using?

We have three main buildings that we will be using this weekend: Giltner Hall, Cannon Hall, and Dinning Hall.  Worship sessions will be the Cannon Hall, all together meetings like vespers will be in Giltner Hall (along with sleeping rooms), and all meals will be at the dinning hall.  The have two other buildings we will be using for sleeping arrangements.  Important: The snack area will be in the small kitchen area of Giltner Hall.

Do I have to wear the bright yellow shirt with a rat on it?

Yes, yes you do.  All day Friday!


If you have any other questions, please let Liz know.


Fall Retreat Schedule

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