This year our student mission trip is open all middle and high school students.  We will travel to Nashville, TN with Center for Student Missions on June 26 - July 1. Cost is $250 plus spending money for road meals.  $100 non-refundable deposit due at registration, balance due by April 17, 2016. Registration closes on April 17 but only 35 student spots available.  Parents that are interested in serving as volunteers, please contact us at

CSM Nashville Mission trip Information:

  • What is CSM?

CSM or Center for Student Missions is an organization that goes into urban communities and creates a long term mission with short term people. They bring in different student groups to be the hands and feet of other mission partners. Each week is different, different needs and therefore different work to be done.

  • Who is eligible to go on the mission trip?

Current 6th through 12th grades and college students are eligible for this trip.

  • When is the mission trip?

We will depart at 11:30 on June 26th from the Church and return on the July 1st (time TBA.)

  • What will my student do on the mission trip?

Your student will be asked to serve in many different ways throughout the week. CSM partners with other ministries working toward making the world a better place. Students will receive a multicultural view of Nashville. We tour the city through with our service groups through seeing, serving, and tasting. 

  • What if my student has food allergies?

CSM helps us to accommodate your student needs. We do need to know about any food or dietary restrictions. Please tell us and coach us through your students needs. We eat at a lot of restaurants  and pack lunches each day.

  • Can I use my earned money help pay for this camp?

YES!! We encourage it!!

  • Can my student bring a friend?

Yes of course, get them to sign up too!

  • Will they be together?

Asbury will be broken into service groups of an estimated 12 students per group. If your student brings a friend we will make sure they are in a group together. We will all debrief together at night and eat breakfast together in the mornings. Service sites and dinner will be in our groups. 

  • How do they get to Nashville and to the service sites once they are there?

Asbury will rent 15 passenger vans, our adult chaperones are the ones that drive the whole week.

  • Will I know any of the adults going?

Yes, Moose and Liz will both be going on this trip as well as other volunteers and parents. We will have the contacts of all attending to you before we leave.

  • Can my student have there phone to call me if they want?How do I get in touch with my kid if they don’t have a phone?

Asbury Reset and CSM both have a no cell phone policy. All adults will have their phones available for calling home and for pictures. 

  • Where will my student sleep? Do we need an air mattress?

CSM has a housing site located at . We will stay in bunk beds so please pack your pillow, sheets and a blanket or bed roll.

  • Is there a dress code?

Yes! No yoga pants at all. Some days you will need long pants and closed toe shoes. We will be informed by our leaders what to wear the night before. All shirts need to have sleeves. We have a full pack list available. Please be aware that dress codes are strict on mission trips because of the work we do and the communities we serve.  

  • Can my daughter wear a 2piece swim suit?

One piece or they will be asked to wear a dark colored t-shirt over it. No speedos… just no. 

  • Can I send snacks? 

Yes but they are not allowed in the sleeping area because bugs… We will provide a snack bin for them. 

  • Who will be leading my student?

CSM provides a host for each van. The host is trained by CSM to lead us around the city and in our service sites. Asbury provides 2 staff, interns and volunteers to also go and lead your students. Together we team up to not only keep your student alive but also encourage and grow and challenge them in their faith.

  • Will our students sleep and eat together?

No, that is against safe sanctuary. Girls and boys will have separate sleeping areas within the same building. We will all eat breakfast together each day but lunches will be packed and eaten on site. For dinner each night we will try a new restaurant in the city and one afternoon we will just have a fun afternoon all asbury altogether. We will also debrief and worship together at the end of the day.

  • What does the schedule look like?

Remember we must be flexible with our schedule but the gist of it is: wake up, eat, service site, lunch, anchor site, dinner, debrief, showers, bed. 

  • When is the last day to sign up?

April 17th!

  • Do you need Volunteers?

Please contact Elizabeth Hinton for more information about volunteering. 

  • What is training?

When we meet as a whole group to review the trip, plan and prepare to go and serve. We will equip you with information about the community, the reasons for some of the weird or strict rules, and set our personal and group expectations. 

  • When is training?

May 11th from 6-8pm in the youth wing.

For more info visit: