New Series: Holy Week

Hello Youth Parents,

I wanted to take time and communicate to you about the new series that we are starting this Sunday night at 5:30pm during RESET Worship.  During the season of Lent, the new series will be about Holy Week and Christ’s final days on this earth.  The first talk will be about the Palm Sunday and Christ entrance into Jerusalem.  The second worship service will not have a talk, but an interactive seder meal (the last supper to passover meal).  The third and final talk will deal with suffering and Good Friday with prayer stations based on the stations of the cross.  This leads us to Easter Sunday on March 27 when the seniors of the youth group will lead us in a sunrise worship service where we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

The teaching about Palm Sunday will be Feb. 21.  One of the main points of the talk and small group questions is for youth to see that the same crowd that shouted “Hosanna!” at the beginning of the week, are the same crowd that screams “Crucify Him!” at the end.  What changes from the beginning of the week to the end.  The change comes when the people don’t get the king they where looking for.  We too can change our attitudes about God when we don't get what do you want or think we need.  We are like the crowd in that we sing praises to God in church on Sunday morning and are turning our backs on him the next day at work (if we even make it that far).  How do we lay down our expectations and pick up our cross daily to follow Him?

Our seder meal worship service will be on Feb. 28.  Youth will start in worship together and then be lead through the passover meal by our special guest from the Messianic Jewish Synagogue Beth Hallel.  They will tell the story and reveal the message of Jesus in each of the elements.  This will also give the youth a better understanding of communion.

Our Good Friday worship service will be on March 20.  We will be talking about the role of suffering in our world and how we so often turn alway from pain, but in our suffering Savior we find healing.   We are not alone when bad things happen, God understands our pain.  Youth can feel like the Christian life should be sunshine and roses, but we know they is still suffering for Christians.  The difference for a Christian is that we can have hope amidst the suffering and pain.  That hope means everything.  We will have stations of the cross around for youth to engage with the story of the cross.  

The final worship service will not be on Sunday night, but on Sunday morning at 6:30am for a Easter sunrise service lead by the high school seniors.  After the darkness of Good Friday we find ourselves outside in the light of a new day, singing with the hope of Jesus Christ who has risen from the grave for our salvation.  Can I get an AMEN?!?  

I would also like to invite you to contact me if ever you are in need or want to talk about your student.  You are not alone, we are here to help.  My door is always open and I would love to meet with you for lunch or coffee.  I’m here not just for your students, but also for you.