Body and Soul: Relationships Talk

Dear Youth Parents,

On Sunday, April 10 during RESET Worship we will be discussing the topic of sex and dating with our youth grades 6th-12th. This talk will dialog about God’s plan for sex in the context of marriage and what how we treat others in the context of a relationship. This letter is to give you a heads-up on this topic and a better understanding about what will be taught. I want you to know what is going on so that if your youth comes home asking questions you will not be blindsided or taken off guard.

I respect the role of a parent to teach their youth about sex and dating, so I have included on the back of this letter an explanation of what the youth will be learning about. I also respect and honor any parents who do not want their youth to be present at RESET Worship during this talk for whatever reason. The reason for this topic is because the youth hear a lot of opinions about what sex is and what dating should look like, and the church needs to be one of those voices. The youth need to know what God has to say about this subject.

Some parents might want to know if this talk is age appropriate. The youth will be split up after a combined worship time unto three groups, high school, middle school and 6th grade. The high school (taught by Moose), middle school (taught by Liz), and 6th graders (taught by DeDe Lenzie) will deal with the same content, but will be tailored toward the appropriate age group.

As a way of helping, you, the parents talk to your youth about sex, we are offering a Created By God Parent Seminar on Sunday, April 10 at 12:00pm in the Adult wing. DeDe Lenzie, RN and long time leader of students will be with us to help share best practices in talking to our kids about sexuality from a Christian perspective. This seminar is designed for parents of 5th and 6th graders but all parents are welcome. Cost is $15 for first parent which includes student and parent guide books, lunch and resources. Lunch is $5 per additional adult and children. Nursery and student activities will be provided. Registration is required by Sunday, April 3. Click here to register.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at 205.821.7494. One of the roles of a youth ministry is to be a resource to parents and be there for you and we are honored to do such.

Moose Mosteller
High School Youth Minister Asbury United Methodist Church

Body and Soul Talk Notes:

The youth talk will focus on two areas of relationships; why sex only in the context of marriage and how we treat others while in relationships.

Sex in context of marriage focus notes:
We will discuss how when two people have sex, there is a deeper connection than just physical. The Bible says that two become one, and this speaks to a deeper understanding of sex than just “well, it feels good.” This will help youth start to see why God intends sex to be within the context of marriage. It is only when there is a commitment to a relationship and to another person that sex is truly understood. Sex outside marriage gets very complicated very quickly, while within marriage it creates intimacy and unity.

How we treat others while in relationships focus notes:
We will talk about the reason we date and the pitfalls we fall into when dating that can lead to sexual activities. The reason people date is because God made us to be in relationships with one another. But when we exclude ourselves from other friendships to be this this one girl or guy, we fall into the trap of making that one person our whole world. This means that who we date becomes our identity, and we then wish to share everything with this person (which starts to sound like a marriage without the commitment), and this can lead one down the path toward sexual activity. Dating is about discovering how to interact with someone of the opposite sex, not an exclusive relationship that takes over your world. We will discuss that our worth comes from God, not from a girlfriend/boyfriend. We will underline the importance of seeing all women and men as daughters and sons of God, rather than objects of desire. How we treat those we date matters. When we use relationships to fulfill our needs, we hurt those we claim to care about and ourselves.