Fall Retreat Parent Details

Dear Fall Retreat Parents,

We are exited about Fall Retreat 2018 being this weekend!  Below you will find all the information you will need to prepare for this retreat and let you know about details for Friday during drop-off and Sunday for the service and pick-up.  Click on the links below to access the packing list, retreat schedule, permission to dispense medication form, and parent prayer guide.  Please read through all information and see you all on Friday!


Students need to arrive at Camp Harris (928 Hargis Drive, Chelsea, AL 35043) at 7:30pm on Friday, November 2.  Students need to eat before they arrive at camp, there will be no dinner provided Friday night.  If your student will be arriving late due to high school football games, please email us with those details at reset@asburyonline.org.

Check-in and registration will be done on the porch of Cannon Hall.  We will have people with flashlights and signs directing you to Cannon Hall.  If you have not payed in full for the retreat, please do so at the registration table.  Monica Williams our youth ministry administrator will be emailing out what balances are due and how to pay them before the retreat, please be on the look out for that email soon.  If your student has medicine that they need to take during the retreat, you will need to turn in the medicine at the medical table located at the registration area.  All medicine must be turned in inside the original packaging.  We will provide forms for parents to fill out with details about what medicine is to be taken, how many times a day, and at what time of day it should be taken.  If you wish to fill out this information before you arrive, please print and fill out the Permission To Dispense Medication Form attached below.


On Sunday, November 4, your family is invited to Camp Hargis for our closing worship session at 11:00am.  Please arrive between 10:30-10:45am on Sunday morning.  Parking will be in front of Cannon Hall and in the field behind Cannon Hall.  The worship service will be held in Cannon Hall.  As a part of this service the senior class of 2019 will serve communion to the students and families.  This is special worship service that you will not want to miss.  After the service is over, students will load up their belongings and are released to their parents.


The best thing you can do to prepare your students for Fall Retreat is to pray for their time there. As a staff, we’ve had to remember that all preparation, planning, strategizing, and “doing” has no value unless God is present and moving during our time at Camp Hargis. So, we want to make a point of inviting God to be with us during the weekend. We want to see God do big things in your students’ lives, and we know you do too, so join us in praying for the specific things listed below. We can’t wait to see what God has in store! 

The Speaker: Ben Nelson - Pray that God would speak to your student through Ben. Pray that Ben would stay faithful to the message of Jesus, speak truth in love, and teach the students about the freedom and salvation found in Jesus. 

The Band: Limitless Worship - Pray that the band would lead your student in worshipping God above all things. Pray that each of the members of the band leads with humility and wonder as we come to God through worship. Ask God to bless our time in worship with His presence, and to ask Him to connect with your student one-on-one through that worship time. 

The Theme: Unashamed - Pray that your student would learn that Jesus removes the shame associated with things in their pasts, and that we don’t have to be ashamed of the Gospel, because it is God’s power to save everyone who believes. Pray that student lets go of any shame that they may have, and steps into the freedom and life that is found in following Jesus. 

Your Student - Pray that they would be able to focus on what God wants to do in their lives this weekend. Pray against any distractions that would keep your student from connecting with God. Pray for good relationships & interactions with other students and adults, and pray that God would spark your student into living a life with no shame, following fully in the grace and freedom found in Jesus! Amen!! 

The Fall Retreat Team - Pray for the adult volunteers and staff members that will give up their weekend to serve your students and help them connect with God in a real, life changing, memorable way. Pray for supernatural rest and patience, and that God would bless their sacrifice!