Discovery Weekend Parent Letter [with updates]

Dear Discovery Parents, 

We are excited your student has decided to attend Discovery Weekend, on March 3-5.  We have 171 students, 10 college students, and over 30 adults at this years Discovery.  We have a few updates and clarifications.

  • Reminder to pack a water bottle and make sure student's name is on their bottle.
  • Changed on the packing list the word case to bring either a 12-pack of bottle water or soda cans.
  • Reminder all High School and Middle School students need to eat before they arrive at Discovery on Friday. 
  • Changed name of the 10pm prayer service for students only on Saturday to Vespers so as not to cause confusion with Prayer Service at 5:30pm on Saturday with parents.
  • If students need to check-out to leave Discovery, please make sure your student comes by the check-out/check-in table in the youth wing before they leave and when they come back.
  • Reminder that High School students need to arrive by 7pm and Middle School students are to arrive by 8pm.
  • Reminder that all students will be sleeping on the ground, so please bring a sleeping bag or twin air mattress.
  • Pack light and in smallest bag possible, space is limited and we will not have room for large suitcases in sleeping rooms.
  • Weather should be great this weekend, no rain but cold at night and in the morning.  Make sure to bring a jacket.

There are three things we need the parents to do for the weekend. 

  1. Pray. It sounds odd asking parents to pray for their children, because I know you do that always. Please be in prayer for the high school students as they take on leadership roles during the weekend.  Please be in prayer for the adult volunteers as they provide guidance for the students throughout the event.  Please pray for all our middle school students who will attend this event⏤that they would experience the joy, hope, and love of Christ during this weekend. 
  2. Come to the Prayer Service. This service is Saturday, March 4 at 5:30pm in the sanctuary. It is a special time of praying for all the students. This service is about how we as the church are here for each student as a cloud of witnesses to our faith in Jesus Christ.  We are inviting the whole church to this service so that the students can see for themselves all the people who care about them and their faith. We will end the service with giving you the parents a chance to pray with your child personally. If you cannot attend, please ask someone else in the family or a close family friend to be there for your child.  Students without family members present with be prayed over by their adult small group leader so that no student is left out. 
  3. Be an Off Campus Activity Driver.  After the Prayer Service, we will be go off campus for a special activity.  We will need drivers to help us transport students from the church to the off campus site and then back again after the event is over.  If you would like to help out in this way, please stay after the prayer service on Saturday. 

The middle school students need to arrive at the church Friday, March 3, at 8:00pm. The high school students need to arrive at 7:00pm. Important note: there will be no dinner served Friday night, please make sure your child eats dinner before arriving.

A packing list and full schedule are attached to this email and are also at  No extra money will be needed for the weekend. We will worship in The Bridge service on Sunday, parents are welcome to join us for that service also. 

Thank you so much for your love and support for Discovery Weekend. We know God is blessing our church and our students through Discovery. 


Pax Christi,
Moose Mosteller
Director of Youth Ministries
Asbury United Methodist Church