RESET Live Oct. 13th

Welcome Student Leadership Team to your page.  This page is to be used to comment on content and a way for the staff to show you visual and written ideas without having your phone go off 800 times in a month.

Here are some of the plans for the next RESET Live on October 13.


Walking Dead Logo Small.png

Video Skit:

Team is working on a Monday at Pelhum High School that we can maybe shoot the video.  We will need youth to be zombies and normal people.  We will need help with costumes and make-up.  Here is the basis of our idea, zombies walking down hall of a school and then normal person is walking on other direction with normal people following them.

Update: This is the video that is the basis for our video, put the people walking down the hall are zombies.  The voice over will be different, who would like to write the voice over?

Live Skit:

Thomas leading a skit live on stage.


Chase will be giving the talk that night


Need ideas for more songs of the playlist, here is what I have so far.


Please post in comments what the games group needs from the leadership team in order to make the games work and takeaway ideas.