Sept. 25 Masterpiece

This week at youth we are watching the Video above from the Skit Guys called "God's Chisel."  It is a video based on Eph. 2:10 "For we are God’s workmanship."  I will introduce the video and then after it is over, we will set-up four chairs on-stage for Me (as the interviewer) and Chase, Caroline, and Drew.  I will have a mic and we will pass around another the mic for you all to use.  Below are the 3 questions that I will ask and have each of you answer them.  The person who starts will be different each time.  Over the next couple of days, think about your answer and be able to articulate your answer well.  If you have any problems or questions, please let Moose know before Sunday.

The questions I will ask are:

  1. Talk about a time when social media affected the way you viewed yourself.
  2. How has being a Christian changed the way you personally see yourself?  
  3. Do you believe that you are God's Masterpiece?  Why or why not?

Be honest, but only share what you are comfortable sharing.  You can talk in general terms without going into specifics.  The reason you are on stage is to interact with this topic of social media and how it can effect they way we present and view ourselves instead of gaining our self worth from God.  Be honest, if you struggle in seeing yourself as God's Masterpiece then give voice to that doubt if you are able.  I can name off a couple of youth that will be there that are struggling with this very idea.  

Thank you all three for being willing to share.