Jan. 31 SLT Takes Over RESET: Epic Fail!

Here are the plans we have for the night based on meeting on Jan. 10th.

  • Welcome: Meg
  • Scripture and Candle: Sam
  • Game: Gorilla, Man, Gun (Honey Do was voted down due to good reasons given)
  • Talk: Olivia R.
  • Takeaway: Red Sharpie with heart on hand around the "X"
  • Small Groups: SLT lead groups, groups are random based on "X" placed on hand with 4 different colors
  • Community Activity: Psychiatrist Game
  • Fun Video: Recreating Fail Videos (more details below)

The teaching points for the night: 
Maybe, when it comes to God, you feel like an epic failure.  You can’t shake the feeling that you are a terrible person, you can’t get anything right, and you should have known better. Basically, you think God sees you like you see you.

Do what you have to do to start retraining your mind with the truth: Even when I fail, He is for me. God sees us through the lens of grace.  When you realize how kind God has been to you, you will begin to be more kind to others, and to yourself.

Fail Videos:

The SLT needs to find a Fail video that they would feel comfortable and willing to try and recreate for our video.  Video links that you want to recreate need to be posted in the Group Me and approved by Moose and Liz.  We will be shooting the video on Sunday, Jan. 24.  We will go to lunch together and then will film after lunch until worship at 5:30pm.  Means a long day, so bring your homework if you have any and if we get done early you are more than welcome to leave and come back.


Also you can add to the Group Me ideas of songs to add to our playlist for the night.

Bonus Community Activity Game:

Here is a bonus game that we can play after Psychiatrist as a large group called "Marked."  This game is where we have members of the SLT hide in different locations around the Youth Wing.  Each person hiding will get a number and a different color washable marker.  The youth will start in the Youth Room and will be given these instructions:

"You have to find the (blank) number of SLT members hidden around the Youth Wing.  They have a marker and will make your arm with their number once you find them.  You can only ask them one question and they can only answer you "Yes" or "No".  You can ask the person you found another question, only after your arm has been marked by a number.  Your goal is to get all the members to write their number in their color on your arm in order.  If you find a person you can ask, 'Are you No. 1?' If they say, 'no' you have to move on and find the next person.  The members hiding will not make your arm unless they see the number for them marked on your arm in the correct color."

The youth will be going from place to place trying to find number one and then each number after that.  We played this once at a Fall Retreat and it was a lot of fun and become a favorite for the youth.  Let me know below or in Group Me what you think.