Student Leadership Team

Informational Packet


This packet will help you understand the commitment needed to be a part of our Student Leadership Team. It's our goal that you'll reach for this high standard. We expect a lot from our leaders because this was the model Jesus taught for leadership.

RESET Mission Statement
Asbury Student Ministry exists to glorify God in living life together to empower students to become disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, study and service. 

RESET Discipleship Pathway
Checking out the View- You’re here and curious about the relationships you may find. You may not know anything about God’s love for you, and that’s okay. There’s no pressure. Just come and enjoy the view. We’re glad you are here!

Choosing the Path- You have found a place to belong. You’re ready to further explore a relationship with Jesus and we’re here to help you climb. Let’s go!

Climbing the Mountain- You have made a commitment to follow Jesus with the Holy Spirit as your guide. Through worship, prayer and study, your climb continues as you discover God’s calling on your life.

Charting the Way- You are using your spiritual gifts to live for Christ daily and helping others up the mountain. By the leading of the Holy Spirit you are pointing others toward God.  This is where Student Leaders are in their faith journey.

A Leader Does More Than Just Show Up
Maybe you’re thinking, “I come to every RESET event and program, doesn’t that make me a leader?” Not necessarily, a leader isn’t just someone who shows up. A leader is committed to a
different calling.


The Essence of Biblical Leadership
Jesus expected leaders to serve. Jesus gave his disciples an image of leadership that we use as our standard for student leadership in RESET: 

“Jesus called them [the disciples] together and said, "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave--just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Matthew 20:25-28 

Jesus turned the world's understanding of leadership upside down. His teaching about leadership literally goes against everything we naturally assume about leading. Biblical leadership isn't about power or positions. It's not about control and glory. 

Jesus calls his leaders to be servants and slaves of others. And this kind of leadership isn't popular or praised. Servant leadership is not attractive to most people. It goes in direct opposition to the attitude of running to the car and calling “SHOTGUN” to ride in the front seat. 

Leadership is a Choice
Leadership isn't another program to attend. Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) isn't just for a select few. It isn't just for the cute, fun, or popular. Leadership isn't about having an extroverted and outgoing personality. Being a leader is a personal commitment. 

The most meaningful commitments are tough to keep, but they are worth the effort because our priorities determine who we are, and who we are becoming! 


High Requirements Have High Rewards
We’re asking a lot from student leaders and because of this, we realize leadership isn’t for everyone. 

If student leadership isn’t for you, don’t worry about it. 

Not being involved in our Student Leadership Team isn’t a measure of your spiritual maturity. We are committed to you and want to help you continue to grow spiritually regardless of your involvement with SLT. 

Although we’re asking for a considerable commitment from our student leaders, there are also benefits. Student Leadership has high requirements, but it also has high rewards. Part of the high reward student leaders receive is more intense and personal time with the RESET staff. We want to invest in the lives of our leaders. In addition to this, you’ll have opportunities for training and service in RESET that will only be available to student leaders. Finally, as a member of the student leadership team, you’ll be connected to an outstanding community of believers who strive to put God first and serve in Asbury RESET. This community can be a powerful resource for laughter, encouragement, support and being challenged in your faith.

We are especially committed to the family life of our student leaders. We don’t want to create a ton of programs to keep students out every night of the week. Spiritual growth does not necessarily require sacrificing family time and obligations. 

As far as a time commitment, we’re asking our leadership students to be at Asbury RESET on Sunday nights, regular in Sunday morning worship service, attend and serve in Sunday School weekly, be a part of a small group, and attend a bi-monthly leadership meeting (one hour).

How To Become A Student Leader

  1. Prayerfully consider all the student leader commitments
  2. Talk with your family and evaluate the commitments
  3. SLT is open at all current 8th-12th grade students at Asbury UMC
  4. Fill out the application below before February 1