Tribes At The Beach Trip

Join us June 16-19, 2017 as we take Tribes off-site to Laguna Beach, Florida. This trip is for all current 6th - 12th grade students (2016-2017 school year). Students will stay at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Camp right on the beach. Cost is $150 for all students.  Registration is open March 12 to April 9.  Last day to register is April 9th.  

Update: The RESET Staff has been wrestling with the issue of cell phones on retreats and trips.  The reason we wish for youth not to have their cell phones on them is for them to be open to what God is doing in their lives on our retreats and to form relationships in person with those around them.  We want youth to experience the world in its fullness, not just through a small screen.  We think we can accomplish these goals while still allowing youth to have their phones in their rooms at night.  So, cell phones will be allowed on this trip for use during travel on the bus and will stay in their rooms during the trip.  We think this change for the Beach Trip will work best for youth to be able to contact parents as well as having a chance for youth to spend time unplugged from their devices.

Tribes Beach Trip Information:

  • What is Tribes?

Tribes is a group competition event that happens each summer.  Each student will be put into a tribe for the entire summer and compete for the Tribes championship. Tribal challenges involve more than just athletic ability so everyone can contribute. This is a great place to invite friends!  The beach trip will count towards the overall Tribes scores. 

  • Who is eligible to go to Tribes Beach Trip ?

All current 6th - 12th grade students (2016-2017 school year).

  • When is the Tribes Beach Trip?

June 16-19 (please note this is over father's dad weekend).  We will leave at 7am on Friday from the church and be back at the church by 3:30pm on Monday.

  • What is the cost and what does it cover?

Cost is $150 and covers everything except fast food lunch on the way there and back and extra money for snack and gift shop.

  • Does my student have to play in the Tribes games in order to go?

The short answer is yes, but here is the long answer.  Tribes is more about community than competition.  This means that not all the games will be physical competitions, but fun things like build the best sand castle or who can find the oddest shell.  We promise to make the games fun and inviting for all who come.  Students will be required to be at all sessions and games during the trip.  

  • What if my student has food allergies?

Asbury RESET will accommodate your student needs. We do need to know about any food or dietary restrictions. Please tell us and coach us through your students needs. We will be cooking and eating at the retreat center all weekend long.

  • Can I use my earned money help pay for this retreat?

YES! We encourage it.

  • Can my student bring a friend?

Yes of course!  Please make sure all friends sign-up also!

  • Can my student have there phone to call me if they want? How do I get in touch with my kid if they don’t have a phone?

Asbury RESET has a no cell phone policy on overnight trips. This is to provide your students will an opportunity focus on the trip and what God is doing in their lives.  All adults will have their phones available for calling home and for pictures. 

  • Where will my student sleep? 

Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center has dorm style rooms for your youth to stay in.  The rooms sleep 17 in bunk beds with 3 showers and sinks.

  • Can I send snacks? 

Not for this trip.  On site there is an ice cream shop and snack food eatery, so you student can bring extra money for snacks and ice cream.

  • When is the last day to sign up?

April 9th. 

  • Do you need volunteers?

Please contact Moose Mosteller for more information about volunteering.

  • Can college students attend this event?

Yes, college students can attend the Tribes at the Beach Trip and for a discount cost of $75.  Please register and pay in full with link below.