Discovery Weekend 2017 Highlight Video
Tribes 2016 Summer Highlight Video
Week 1 Tribes Highlight Video Asbury RESET
Tribes Week 2 Highlight Video from Asbury RESET
Jesus is NEAR, even if He seems FAR
This is what happens when the interns get loose in the church.

When you reach out to others in need of Christ, you have the power to bring someone back from the dead.

Ephesians 2:1-10

Tribes Week 3 Highlight Video from Asbury RESET
Tribes Week 4 Highlight Video from Asbury RESET
Tribes 2016 Video

Epic Fails in Youth Ministry: Pickup Lines Edition. Video made by our Student Leadership Team at Asbury RESET.

Ever get stressed out, see how the Asbury RESET Staff deal with stress at work.

What happens when the Youth Staff of Asbury UMC RESET Student Ministries tries to keep their new years resolutions? They get busted!

Rules Video Fall Retreat 2015 (Class of 2016)

Discovery 2016 Everything Skit